Tuesday, 4 July 2017

leader ship blog-buddy programm

in buddy program the year 7/8 take the little kids out to play and do fun games my first team was solani and crystal and we did hosplatle tag so pretty much hosplatle tag is a game wrere if you get taged once that means in the game you lose a life and you have four lifes if you run out 3 or more people have to pick you up and carry you to the person in the middle and once your there the person getting carried will be free and able to run away it ends when theres only 2 people because only 3 or more people can lift up a person.My second group was josh and jak we played ouctops with the little and if you don't know ocutops then ill tell you. So pretty much theres two tagers or three and everyone else is on a line and the tager shouts out OUCTOPUS and all the runners run to the opiste end wrere your safe if you get taged you are sea weed and you can't move you can only reach out to tag others and thats my blog post.

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