Wednesday, 12 April 2017

my reading for term 1

this year iv'e been doing reading of the computer so what i would is get a story on the google classroom reading comprehension with Mr m and there would be seven questions and i would search through the story and try find the answers and put them in my book.what i do is i go down my book from one to seven and write them down and then turn in the activity on google class room

my maths

Investigate simple situations that involve elements of chance by comparing experimental results with expectations from models of all the outcomes, acknowledging that samples vary.


Why? I think its a 50 50 chance

Friday, 7 April 2017

leadership blog post

This is my leadership blog post in this i'm going to tell you the ways of a leadership.

1. show the care values by help others even if you sometimes get into fights with. everyone in your class by letting learn and do there work. a good role mode.

4.even if your not a per medeater help other kids to show that are good leader

so that's how you become a leader is 7/8 p.s my leadership role is...per medeater!