Tuesday, 22 November 2016

my narrtive

WHAT? my class and I made a arritve about a superhero that we could make up.My superhero name was
supertaco because I love tacos.

SO WHAT? mine is about Supertaco vs Dr burger  pretty much what happened Dr burger whats to take over taco city and places a bomb down and sets It to 3 minutes and supertaco stops It at the last minute.

NOW WHAT? I'm going to work on setting It Into paragraphs.

When the Year 5 students were on camp

Last Tuesday and Wednesday the year 5 went to camp me and some other year sixs stayed at school and had some free time

for free time what i did was some how to draw some undertale characters like omega flowey,flowey,frisk and undyne 

next time its just the year 6 at school i'm going to work more on my superhero narrtive

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

cycle safe

WHAT? last term every year 6 did cycle safe

SO WHAT? i think i did well on going in a circle

NOW WHAT? i think i need to improve on my knowing were my left and right is

Friday, 4 November 2016

literacy week

What?  This week was literacy week we did many things such as scavenger hunt,dress up day,stop drop and write,stop drop read,golden ticket,library activities,guess the teacher and guess the book.

SO WHAT? My favourite part of literacy week was the golden ticket hunt.