Friday, 24 July 2015

How to mincraft

You spawn in a blocky world then go up to a pig and punch it until it's dead , then get the pork chops.  Then go to a tree and punch it until a log comes out. Make a crafting table and craft a wooden sword, pick axe ,axe., shovel and a hoe. Then make a mineshaft to find,gold, diamond,red stone,coal,iron,lapis,emerald and obsidian. But you can only mine obsidian with a diamond pic axe,  if you get 8 or 12 obsidian , you can make a nether portal to go to hell its not a nice place to be there is... Zombie pig man, ghast,maga ma cube,blaze and wither skeleton. Then go back throw the portal.
Then make a farm to get a sheep , you need wheat and the way you get wheat is from seeds and you get seeds is from grass and grow the wheat with a hoe. Right click the grass with it and the plant the seeds by right click with the seeds then wait for a while or get bone meal from a skeleton that drop bones I don't mean wither skeleton , I mean a normal Skelton and go in a crafting table where it says bone meal.  Press A on your container to craft it then right click the seed and it will grow automatically grow to full size then make some bread . you need 3 pieces of wheat to make bread. Then make a good size fence farm then get some wheat again  .
to be continued ....