Friday, 7 June 2013


We are learning to recount events that happened in the past.

We know we can do this when we can:
·    Follow the Writing Process
·    Have a title
·    Write: an orientation telling when, who, what and where the event happened, a     sequence of events and a personal comment to conclude the recount
·    Use the past tense
·    Use a lot of different descriptive words to make our recount more interesting
·    Start my sentences in different ways

Next Step: To edit my work for full-stops and captial letters and to use my knowledge of letter sounds to help spell words.

Nicholas' Voice - "I learnt to use descriptive and similes to  make my writing really good like Year 4."

Nicholas and his Spooky Night
By Nicholas

It was a spooky dark night and the wind was howling like a woof howling at the moon. 
It was the spooky time of the night and the trees looked like they were reaching out to grab 
the moon.  The tree trunks were like big shadows trying to get me.  The branches were 
rustling in the wind.  The trees were reflecting the moon through the window and onto 
my wall like a spooky hand trying to get me.

A Really Cold Winter

By Nicholas

Have you ever woken up on a day that was so white that it looked like a piece of paper 
that no-one has drawn on? I stuck out my tongue to feel a piece of hail. It felt like a frosty bee 
stinging me on the tongue.  I walked down steps and I looked around me, all I could see was
white snow like a penguin's home. I reached out to grab a piece of hail and it felt like a 
snow leopard biting me on the tongue.

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