Tuesday, 2 May 2017

the 52 story tree house

                                               the 52 story tree house

this story is about three people there names are andy,terry and jill in this book they go on very exiting adventers ill tell you about the characters more so there's jill she loves anamials i'm pretty sure if she could have every anamail in the world she would also she can understand anamalis. now about terry. terry is well a ummm a funny dude he takes nothing seriously and always aglest one day he annoys andy alot and andy runs after terry and andy wacks terry with a lamp or the closest thing to him. now andy he loves suger he never thinks terry is right but for some odd reson terry helps no mater what also this is really cool acully now that i think about it you have read the book and see whats cool.

so you should check out this book and see what secret's that a wait you see you there.

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